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09-19-14 : Walter Mosley's 'Debbie Doesn't Do It Anymore'

In the Flattened Light of Life

The simplicity of the images in powerful optical illusions belies the underlying implications. One second we're seeing a vase; the next, we see two faces in profile. We'd like to think that those visionary flips are restricted to the realm of childish magic tricks. It's not possible to have our understanding of our own lives inverted, until it happens.

For Debbie Dare the powerful protagonist of Walter Mosley's new novel 'Debbie Doesn't Do It Anymore,' the flip happens during a shoot for her latest porn movie. One moment she is "in the life." And the next moment, she's out. That proves to be the easiest part of her journey.

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China Dolls
Lisa See

An epic story told in a trio of powerful voices.

Reviewed by
Rick Kleffel

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Lauren Beukes
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Rick Kleffel
An Authentic Captain Marvel Ring
Alan Cheuse
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09-19-14: A 2014 Interview with Walter Mosley

"... it was him saying what he felt, but for me it was a revelation about what I felt..." —Walter Mosley

I've spoken with Walter Mosey a few times and enjoyed them all, but once we sat down to talk about 'Debbie Doesn't Do it Anymore,' it seemed to me that from the very first moment, we were significantly upping our game. I have to say I was more than shocked; I loved the book that it didn't seem like a subject that would be ideal for a radio interview.

09-17-14: A 2014 Interview with Lisa See

"'s not my worldview, but it was the worldview at that time..." —Lisa See

Lisa See manages to pull off some tough scenes in 'China Dolls.' There are, of course, lots of fun spots, crazy nightclub acts and engaging nightclub owners and performers. But when Pearl Harbor happens... turns out we didn't act much better then than we did after 9/11. And See understood the parallels going in.

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