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10-20-14 : William T. Vollmann Tells 'Last Stories and Other Stories'

Atlas of the Afterlife

"Near" is exactly as close to death as we can get and still come back with something remotely resembling useful information. Beyond that, we're left to our imagination. This, then, becomes our only means of exploring what it might be like to be dead. The only data points we can bring with us to that imaginary journey are the myths and stories that comprise our folklore of the post-mortal world.

William T. Vollmann has done this, with the result that 'Last Stories and Other Stories' becomes no less than an atlas of the afterlife.

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Gutenberg's Apprentice
Alix Christie

Vivid historical technological vision.

Reviewed by
Rick Kleffel

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So We Read On: How The Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures
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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Red Circle

10-19-14: Time to Read Ep 179: William T. Vollmann, 'Last Stories and Other Stories'
10-20-14: A 2014 Interview with William T. Vollmann

"...that's the choice we make with death..." —William T. Vollmann

I had about 40 pounds of thick, award-winning books with me when I went to speak to William T. Vollmann. I must admit to being nervous. He was a man who pulled prestigious honors from the air, and I was here to talk to him about 'Last Stories and Other Stories,' a collection of work that could only be described as macabre fiction.
10-16-14: A 2014 Interview with Alix Christie

"This was the world's first tech start-up." —Alix Christie

Alix Christie brings more than research to her first novel, 'Gutenberg's Apprentice.'

She brings family history. Printing runs in her family, and she's moved hot metal type herself.

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