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12/27/04-01/02/04 'The Book of Flying' by Keith Miller: Fantasy That Rated Publication as Literature. Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop: No Undergarments Required. Pa Kettle takes a look-see at them thar Dark Fantasy novels while on vacation. 'The Myriad: Tour of the Merrimack' by R. M. Meluch: What Gives You The Hive? Cheryl J. Franklin's 'Tales of the Taormin': 'Fire Get' and 'Fire Lord', Science Fiction and Fantasy. Alan M. Clark Reveals 'The Paint in My Blood': Let It Bleed.
12/20/04-12/26/04 John Mortimer's 'Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders': Solving the Crime of the Last Century. Upcoming Column and Book Give-Away; 'Men of Tomorrow' by Gerard Jones: The Non-Fiction Adventures of the Men Who Invented Comics; Hill_House+Neil_Gaiman+Dagmara_Matuszak=Melinda; More Than A Graphic Novel. The Periodic Table of Periodicals: The New Yorker Fiction Issue and The Third Alternative Tenth Anniversary Issue. On the 'Cusp' of Understanding: Robert Metzger's Distributed Future; Richard Wolinsky Makes 'Bookwaves': Talk Radio You Can Read. What Do Alexander McCall Smith and Alastair Reynolds Have in Common?: A Novella Invasion; Bugatti Queen by Miranda Reynolds: Speed Thrills.
12/13/04-12/19/04 A Preview of Argosy 3: "Watch the distribution"; Albert Cowdrey's 'Crux' of the Matter: Do Five-Armed Baboons Sell Hardcover Science Fiction? MI5 Impossible: Stella Rimington Reveals a World 'At Risk'; Holly Phillips 'In the Palace of Repose': A New Ecology of Short Fiction. Robert J. Sawyer Goes in the Courtroom To Prove His Cases: Illegal Science Fiction : 'Locust' by Jeffrey A. Lockwood: An American Plague. A Slow-Moving Apocalypse: 'Spin' by Robert Charles Wilson. Norbert Wiener Founds Cybernetics: 'Dark Hero of the Information Age' by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman.
12/06/04-12/12/04 Hanging by 'A Thread of Grace' : The Return of Mary Doria Russell. Paperback Strategies, Part 2: Mark Budz, Philip K. Dick, 'Clade' and 'Crache'. All Hail the Sham of Upper-Crust Schooling: 'Never Let Me Go' by Kazuo Ishiguro. Out of My Fricking Mind: Catching Up With PS Publishing and Stephen Gallagher; Happy Tree Friends 2 & 3: Bloggers Beware!; Clarion Fund Raiser: Save Your Pennies Till January 17, 2005. BackTracking: Admissions of Guilt; Anonymous & Nemonymous: Who Are These Masked Writers?; Christopher Moore's 'The Stupidest Angel': Return to Life in Pine Cove -- Literally.
11/29/04-12/05/04 Harvey Pekar, Cineaste: 'American Splendor: Our Movie Year'; 'The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume 2 A' Edited by Ben Bova: Imagination on the Inside. Oisin McGann Explores 'The Gods and Their Machines': Religion and Science Duke It Out ; Susan Shwartz Engineers a 'Hostile Takeover': High Finance and Hard Science. 'Stamping Butterflies' With Jon Courtenay-Grimwood: From Thrilling to Thought-Provoking; From Philadelphia 'Till the End of Tom': Comedy, With Death from Gillian Roberts. Singing the Praises of Charles Vess: Tor Enters the Graphic Novel Arena with 'The Book of Ballads'. Mat Coward's 'Success and How to Avoid It': The First Self-Helpless Book for Writers; John Barnes' 'Gaudeamus': The Science Fiction Reality Show Novel; Kage Baker's 'The Life of the World To Come': Flesh/Idea/Myth and Company Novel.
11/22/04-11/28/04 The Return of the THE CLAW: Alan Moore Resurrects Classic Comics in DC Deal; Tobias Hill's 'The Cryptographer' and Sam Taylor's 'The Republic of Trees': Faber & Faber Blurs the Lines of Literature and Genre Fiction. Give Thanks for Steve Aylett: Heal Thyself With the Tao Te Jinx. Revealing 'Secrets': Jenn Ramage Talks to Daniel Ellsberg; Alan F. Troop Brings on the Dragons: 'The Sea Dragon's Daughter'. You Don't Need a Drug You Need 'The Final Solution': Chabon's Limited Edition; Next Year's US Asher Title & Cover Revealed: 'Cowl' from Tor. Jane Lindskold 'Wolf Captured': If I Could Talk to the Animals They Might Not Think So Highly Of Me; David Drake's 'Master of the Cauldron': Stir up a Batch of Instant Sequel; Seth Mnookin's 'Hard Times': All the Bad News That's Unfit to Print.
11/15/04-11/21/04 Searching, searching, searching: Rozan & Stross Vs. Bookstore Shelves. Liz Williams 'Banner of Souls': A Paperback Strategy; A Dual Rex Media Tied-Together Tie-In: Eric Garcia's SciFi Channel Screen Time. 'In Darkness Waiting' for like, Sixteen Years! John Shirley's MMPB Classic Re-issued; 'Wolves Eat Dogs' for Martin Cruz Smith: Enter the Zone of Exclusion With Arkady Renko. Channeling 'Cleopatra 7.2' With Elizabeth Scarborough: Walk Like An Egyptian; Allen Steele's 'Coyote Rising': Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Space Travel. Literary Amnesty: Michael Chabon's 'The Final Solution' and Jonathan Lethem's Men and Cartoons'; Cemetery Dance Issue #50: No Half Measures; What is Jeff VanderMeer's 'Why Should I Cut Your Throat?'?; Non-Fiction By Horror Writers for $1000: "Pontificate! Argue! Rant! Whine!" One:
11/08/04-11/15/04 Unlimited Enchantment: A Conversation With Graham Joyce. Charles Stross Follows 'The Family Trade': A Princely Tradition of Merchants and Amber; Aeon Speculative Fiction Quarterly One: Electronic Fiction for Electronic Readers. Be Still My Death Squad-Riddled Heart: Kent Harrington's 'Red Jungle' From Dennis McMillan; From Limbo to the Last House in the Galaxy: Andy Secombe's Got A Million of 'Em; 'Crisscross' I Was Taking a Loss: Repairman Jack Redux. Orson Scott Card’s ‘The Crystal City’: Tell us a Story, Uncle Orson. Cities in Fight: Philip Reeve Mines for 'Predator's Gold'. November, December and January Arrive in a Single Week: Locus 53, Fantasy & Science Fiction December 2004, Fortean Times 190.
11/01/04-11/07/04 Neil Jordan's Haunted Novel: From the Silver Screen to 'The Shade'. Rafael Alvarez 'The Wire > Truth Be Told': More Than the Media; UK Lambshead: A Must-Buy CTB Field Guide. Ignoring the Obvious: Time Beyond Death, Beyond Empire with PS Publishing and Stephen Baxter, Paul Park and Lisa Tuttle. Harry Turtledove's 'Curious Notions': An Alternate History Alternative for Heinlein's Juveniles; Robert Freeman Wexler Presents 'The Circus of the Grand Design': Step Right Up and Out of Reality.
10/25/04-10/31/04 Koji Suzuki's 'Dark Water' and Christopher Fowler's 'The Water Room': "Water Water Everywhere"; VanderMeer Aboveground: US Publishing Takes to VanderMeer's Novels & Collections. Special Update on why you must remove the clingfilm wraps on your limited editions of 'Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell'. Read this now! The Beautiful Blur: Clarke's Law, Jack Vance, 'The Dying Earth' and Matt Hughes 'Black Brillion'. Grabbing All The 'Glory Road' You Can Handle: The Robert A. Heinlein Inoculation School of Ageless Satire. My Mini-Life in the Bush of Books Part 3, The Three Johns: John Connolly's Generous Nocturnes Plus, Jonathan Lethem's 'Men and Cartoons', Free Your Strange!, plus Bonus Banks Books. 'Ghostwritten', 'Number9Dream', and Regret: Mapping the Route to David Mitchell's 'Cloud Atlas'.
10/18/04-10/24/04 Catherine Asaro in 'Sunrise Alley', Jack McDevitt's 'Polaris' and Frederick Pohl's 'The Boy Who Would Live Forever': The Science Fiction Side of the Street. Fantasy Meltdown: Sara Douglass/'Gods' Concubine', Laura Resnick/'The Destroyer Goddess, James A Hetley/'The Winter Oak', Mercedes Lackey/'To Light A Candle', Jack Whyte/'The Lance Thrower', and Tad Williams/'Shadowmarch': If You Print It, They Will Buy -- or will they? Ado Due for a Big Bookstack: Scoping the Backlog. Welcome to the Rolling Darkness Review: A Conversation With Dennis Etchison, Peter Atkins and Glen Hirshberg. Tobias Wolff Returns to the 'Old School': From Memoir to Fiction. Take Flight on Jonathan Raban's 'Waxwings': Life Before the Dot Bomb.
10/11/04-10/17/04 Viator by Lucius Shepard, Giants from Eternity by Manley Wade Wellman, and The State of the Art by Iain M. Banks: Night Shade's Small Books. Opening Up the Limited Edition of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell: Don't Touch That Wrapper!; DeathRealms: Stories From the Land Where Horror Dwells Edited by Stephen Mark Rainey: From Don't Clean the Aquarium to Embarrassment & Revenge. A 3,300 Word Column-in-the-news: Firsts on F&SF, Fortean Times on Conspiracy USA, Locus Talks to John Varley and Eileen Gunn, and TTA Press's Jay Lake-o-Rama in The 3rd Alternative Issue 39 and Interzone Reborn 194: A Periodic Table of the Elements of Style. Glen Hirshberg, Dennis Etchison and Peter Atkins Launch the Rolling Darkness Review: Ghost Stories for the 21st Century; Robert Reed's 'Mere': A 'Marrow' Novelette from Golden Gryphon; Harry Turtledove's 'Days of Infamy': Variations on a Theme of Alternate History. Opening Up 'McSweeney's Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories' Edited by Michael Chabon: Trickster Makes a Great Short Story Anthology; Jeff Lindsay 'Darkly Dreaming Dexter' Redux, Michael Koryta's 'Tonight I Said Goodbye', and David Benihoff's 'When the Nines Roll Over': Box of Books from M for Mystery.
10/04/04-10/10/04 Pamela Sargent Leaves 'Thumbprints': Golden Gryphon's Latest Short Story Collection; Seeing the 'Light' With M. John Harrison: A US Trade Paperback from Bantam Spectra; William C. Dietz Speaks 'For Those Who Fell': The Return of The Legion of the Damned. 'Khai of Khem' by Brian Lumley: Bringing a Mass Market Paperback Back to Life as a Hardcover Novel; Elaine Cunningham Sees 'Shadows in the Darkness': Haven't I Seen This Title before?; 'Going Postal' With Terry Pratchett: Get Yer Signed First. Margaret Maron/Deborah Knott/'High Country Fall', Lindsay Davis/Didius Falco/'Scandal Takes a Holiday', Ruth Francisco/Frances Oliver /'Good Morning Darkness': A Trio of New Mysteries from Mysterious Press. Coover's 'Stepmother' and an All-Star Future Dictionary of America: McSweeney's Past, Future and Presents for the Reader, Re-Defining the Dictionary; Pale as the Dead by Fiona Mountain: The Ancestor Detective. Susanna Moore Gets 'One Last Look': A Woman's Primer for Victorian India; Archie Mayor's Latest Joe Gunther Mystery: The Surrogate Thief; A Visit To Seattle Mystery Bookshop: Get A Clue.
09/27/04-10/03/04 The Three Faces of Jasper Fforde: 'Something Rotten' This Way Comes. A Conversation With Susanna Clarke: A Brief History of Faerie; Max Frankel's High Noon in the Cold War: Kennedy, Khrushchev and the Cuban Missile Crisis; Melvin Patrick Ely's Israel on the Appomatox: A Southern (and Publishing) Experiment; Laurell K. Hamilton's 'Incubus Dreams': A History of the Victoria's Secret Catalogue . L. E. Modesitt, Jr. Is More than Just 'Flash': SF Comments on an SF World; Jim Butcher Channels the 'Furies of Calderon': 'Book One of the Codex of Alera', A Fat Hardcover Fantasy Series For the Popular Paperback Writer. 'Ware the Worldstorm: A Message for the Fire-Inclined from James Lovegrove; Iain M. Banks Stands Alone With 'The Algebraist'; A Non-Culture Standalone SF Novel from the Patient Zero for Modern British Space Opera. New Edwardiana: One Baroque Step Beyond With Andrew Martin's Railroad Mysteries, 'The Necropolis Railway' and the 'The Blackpool Flyer'; My Mini-Life in the Bush of Books Part 2: Saturday's Book Stack
09/20/04-09/26/04 The Scarlet Gospels: A Conversation With Clive Barker. From Rare First to Mass Market Paperback: George P. Pelecanos' 'Shoedog' Hits the Racks. Collector's Notes and Notices: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell Limited edition Delivery, Charles Stross's The Atrocity Archives Reprint. From 'Coalescent' to 'Exultant': Stephen Baxter's 'Destiny's Children Book II'. Judith Tarr and Mercedes Lackey Mind the Gap: Add Magic to History and Build a Bridge to the Historical Fantasies 'Rite of Conquest' and 'Phoenix and Ashes'. Clive Barker at the Commonwealth Club 09/22/04: 'Days of Magic, Nights of War'.
09/13/04-09/19/04 Time to Get Over the Cover: Clyde Edgerton Has 'Lunch at the Piccadilly' with Jack Riggs 'When the Finch Rises'; Who Let the Dog Warrior Out? Wen Spencer's Serial Spree. A Closed System: Neal Stephenson Finishes The Baroque Cycle with 'The Systems of the World'. Shape-Shifters Battle Tree-Huggers in New York: Timothy Zahn's 'The Green and the Gray'; A Pleasure Boat Ride: Irving Warner's 'Wagner Descending: The Wrath of the Salmon Queen'. 20 years of Cyberspace: William Gibson's 'Neuromancer' Gets a 20th Anniversary Edition. A look at the evolution of introducing a classic. Women in Mystery: A Conversation With Laurie R. King and Marcia Muller; Fantasy & Science Fiction Turns 55: Young Writers and A Vigorous Middle-Aged Magazine; Joanne Harris Rises Again: Black Swan Re-Issues Sleep Pale Sister.
09/06/04-09/12/04 Seeing in the Dark: 'Nightscape' by David Morrell from Subterranean Press. Henry Chinaski Lives: Last Call: The Legacy of Charles Bukowski Edited by RD Armstrong. Locus September 2004: Locus talks to Richard K. Morgan, Stephen R. Donaldson, David G. Hartwell; Jim Knipfel Keeps 'Ruining It For Everybody': Have Bad Attitude, Will Travel. Caught in the Web of the Weavers: Chris Wooding Unfurls 'The Skein of Lament'. Let 'The Snow' start falling. Adam Roberts' latest novel.
08/30/04-09/05/04 Hugos and WorldCon Panels for 9/6. WorldCon Panels 9/3, 9/4, and 9/5: What I'd attend were I there. How to Find a New Author of Interest: A Casebook Example #1: Jay Caselberg; Were I At WorldCon #1: A List of Panels that Would Interest Me. Who Chooses the Hugos? : Noreascon 4 Begins, Colin Wilson Speaks: Fortean Times 188. A Solid Bloch of Everyman SF: The Fear Planet and Other Destinations from Subterranean Press. Two Walters: Walter Jon Williams and Walter Hunt Wage War in Space. Caitlin Keirnan's Books of the Damned: Silk, Murder of Angels and To CharlesFort, With Love?!?!?; John Pelan Turns Out the Lights: 'A Walk on the Darkside' Edited by John Pelan; The Dangerous Games: New Mysteries by Our Ladies of Darkness, Marcia Muller and Laurie R. King.
08/23/04-08/29/04 Fantasy is Fantastically Profitable The Second Time Around: A Slew of Sequels, and A War of Words; Southern Discomfort: Macadam and Cage Cook with The Alumni Grill, Tim Gautreaux steps into 'The Clearing'; A Writer's Dream Review in the New Yorker: 'Darkly Dreaming Dexter' by Jeff Lindsay. The Immigrant Express: Divakaruni, She's Our Baby: Queen of Dreams, Who Are the terrorists? Lorraine Adams Offers 'Harbor'. The Madonna of the Maquiladora: A Conversation with Kem Nunn; The John Varley Reader: Isn't that Just About Everyone? Agent Pendergast Is On the Prowl Again: Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child Bring You 'Brimstone'. Glen Hirshberg's 'The Snowman's Children' and 'The Two Sams': Loss. Ghosts. Gain. ; Leviathan 4: Cities edited by Forrest Aguirre; Steven Brust's Life Blood: 'Agyar' Reborn.
08/16/04-08/22/04 Twenty-Nine Ways to Transform: The Anchor Book of New American Short Stories Edited by Ben Marcus. The Lonely Dead or The Upright Man?: Michael Marshall (Smith) Returns to His Killing Spree. Kem Nunn's Tijuana Straits: Tapping the Source of the Power of Prose. Stop the presses, or actually, start 'em early: More Strange! 80, wait 79, no, wait make that 78 copies of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell Slightly-Less Limited Edition for sale. Birds Without Wings: Louis de Bernières Follows up Corelli's Mandolin; Califia's Daughters by "Leigh Richards": Laurie R. King Takes On a New Name and a New Genre Peter Crowther Wearing His Writer Hat: 'Songs of Leaving' from Subterranean Press, Peter Crowther Wearing His Editor Hat: Postscripts 1 From PS Publishing, Fat White Vampire Seeks Sequel: Bride of Fat the White Vampire by Andrew Fox..
08/09/04-08/15/04 Labyrinth Redux: Catherynne M. Valente Interview. Terror on the Tor: Fortean Times #187. No More Strangeness: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell Limited Edition Sells Out in Two Days; Don't Freak Out: Lumley's Little Book of 'Freaks'; Crossroads: Tales of the Southern Literary Fantastic: From F. Brett Cox, Andy Duncan and Tor?!?! Yes Tor! Counting the Body Count Twice: Tess Gerritsen Gets a Body Double, Comic Con Report From Geek Speak: Tad Williams' ShadowMarch and Much, Mosre. A Bonanza of Small Press Hardcover Novels: PS Publishing and Golden Gryphon Bring On the Originals. Reader Updates; Limited Strange, Unlimited Argosy & Anders. Cruising the Magazine Stand: Bringing the Past to Life with Argosy and The Strand, A Slick SF News Magazine, The Chronicle.
08/02/04-08/08/04 With All this Fantasy Who Needs the Real World? Tor Unleashes Unreality By the Boatload. This Year's Big Book: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke. Points of Order: Readers Respond to 'Iron Council'. PS Publishing and the Box o' Books, Part 1: Steven Erikson and Michael Marshall Smith. The Periodic Periodical Page: Locus August 2004, City Slab Number 4, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction September 2004. One Hard Luck Story After Another: Beyond Six Degrees With Point Blank Press, James Sallis and Dave Zeltserman.
07/26/04-08/01/04 My Mini-Life In the Bush of Books, Part 2: 'The Tree Bride' by Bharati Mukherjee, Finding 'Kingdoms of Elfin' by Sylvia Townsend Warner, and 'Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans' by a Bunch of Funny People Including The Ever-Meaningful Dave Eggers. L. E. Modesitt Jr. Continues the Corean Wars: Re-Inventing the World One Day at a Time. What is in the Briefcase?: 'Coma' Contest; Fantasy Old & New, Adult and YA: Robert Holdstock's 'Lavondyss' Re-Issued, Mel Odom Hopefully Prevents 'The Destruction of the Books'. Will This Pen Last Long Enough?: 'The Dry Salvages' by Caitlin R. Kiernan. Horror to Enhance Your Already Horrible Monday: Cemetery Dance #49 and Harold "Deviant, Deranged, Depraved" Schechter's 'The Mask of Red Death'.
07/19/04-07/25/04 My Mini-Life in the Bush of Books, Part 2: A Sterling Zenith, A Modern Terror from Donald Wollheim, A Flying, Uh -- Hippie Dictionary! From John Bassett McCleary. 'Dies the Fire' and the Future Goes Pffft: S. M. Stirling Takes a Crack at Good Ol' Post-Apoplectic Science Fiction; Neal Asher, The Writer Heard 'Round The World; Watching for 'Watchcrab' in Dozois' 'The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy'. A Memoir of the Future: 'Fitzpatrick's War' by Theodore Judson. The War of the Worlds: 143 Book Covers Collected. H. G. Wells Book Covers Age before Your Eyes. Forever Haldeman: Coming out from under 'Camouflage'. Western Lights and 'Strange Cargo': Welcome Back to Jeffrey E. Barlough. A column-length retrospecive look at this author in light of his latest novel.
07/12/04-07/18/04 A Golden Opportunity, A Silver Anniversary: 'The Silver Gryphon' from Golden Gryphon, My Mini-Life in the Bush of Books Part 1; A Recent Grab At Logos Used Books Two Places at Once: 'The Genius of Language' Edited by Wendy Lesser. Vertical Recursion: The New US Edition of Koji Suzuki's 'Spiral'. Graham Joyce Preview: 'The Limits of Enchantment' Are Extended, John Powers on The Face of American Culture: 'Sore Winners' and Universal Losers. A Round Table Discussion on the Power of the Small Press/Nothing is Greater Than XERO: 'The Best of Xero' by Dick and Pat Lupoff from Tachyon Publications. Getting Rushes Online: Strange Horizons, Fairwood Press and Small Beer Press Team Up to Move Oddball Format Short Fiction from Electrons to Ink.
07/05/04-07/11/04 Step Up to 'The Lemon Table': Julian Barnes and the Renaissance of the Literary Short Story Collection; Three Magazines, Three Months in One Month: Locus, Fortean Times and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Two More Golden Finds from Golden Gryphon: Lucius Shepard's 'Louisiana Breakdown' And 'Nothing Human' from Nancy Kress. Where No Man Has Coped Before: Andrea Sarvady and Robin Zingone Offer 'The Modern Neurosis Handbook'. The Keyes to the Kingdom and Mor: A Trio OF Fantasies from the UK. Greg keyes and Caiseal Mor. "Everything I Learned I learned in Attica": From One Last Heist to 'Way Past Legal' with Norman Green; Committing Suicide to Get Ahead in Life: 'American Desert' by Percival Everett
06/28/04-07/04/04 Join 'The Inner Circle': TC Boyle's Intimate Look at those in Orbit Around Dr. Alfred Kinsey; Choosing 'The Third Alternative': Joel Lane In the Minotaur's Maze, Graham Joyce in the Guest Editor's Hotseat. Follow 'The Course of the Heart' into the Heart of Darkness: Night Shade Books Re-Issues an M. John Harrison Classic. At Last the Story Can Be Told: 'A Better World's In Birth' from Howard Waldrop; Carl Hiassen, No Prequel Required: 'Skinny Dip' Off the Coast of Florida. 24 Hour Party Girls of the 1920's: 'Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin' by Marion Meade. The Secret of the Silver Screen Behind Thomas Wheeler's 'The Arcanum' : Lovecraft, Doyle and Houdini Duke It Out With the Men Behind the Curtain.
06/21/04-06/27/04 'The Value of X' Squared: Poppy Z. Brite Serves up A Sparkling 'Liquor'. News Column Feature: To Serve Mammon. Dare to Venture to The Edge of Marketing Overkill: Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell Mount a Dual Campaign on the Empires of Potter & Snicket. I didn't set out to write a column-length rant -- it just happened! Join the Feast With Liz Williams: Night Shade Books Releases 'The Banquet of the Lords of Night'. Exit the Dragon, Enter the World of Elizabeth Kerner: 'Redeeming the Lost' and Completing a Series. Ford & Price Get Stackified and Admired:'Red Tide' and 'Samaritan'.
06/14/04-06/20/04 F. Paul Wilson Exclusive on Re-Writing Literary History: Updating 'The Adversary Cycle'. A Sequel Born Wild: 'The Wilding' Follows Up 'In Conquest Born' by C. S. Friedman. Take the A Train: 'Two Trains Running' by Lucius Shepard. New Old-School Philosophical Science Fiction Horror: Greg Bear from 'Lost Souls' to 'Dead Lines'. Kim Stanley Robinson Interview: Politics and the Line from the Present to the Future; Asimov's Universal Robots: Robot Visions by Isaac Asimov; From StarDoc to 'Bio Rescue': S. L. Viehl Dives into Space Opera.
06/07/04-06/13/04 I Am Alive and You Are Dead: Emmanuel Carrere on Philip K. Dick; Chill Out in the Appalachians: Scott Nicholson Tours 'The Manor'. Feel Sorry for the Cat: Charlie Huston's 'Caught Stealing', Beyond Top Secret: Enter 'The Atrocity Archive' with Charles Stross Looking to the Future: Ian R. Macleod and China Mieville. A Quick Look at QuickSilver Ltd: HarperCollins, Wm Morrow, Hill House and Neal Stephenson for the Unlimited Budget. Awake, Asleep, Alive or Dead? Alex Garland Emerges from 'The Coma' A Sinister Visitor On the Front Porch; Terry D'Auray Takes a Quick Look at Dan Vining's 'The Quick'.
05/31/04-06/06/04 Signed, Selected and Sent to Your Doorstep: M for Mystery Offers Animated Death from Michael Joens and Shadow of the Wind from Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Golden Gryphon Rules the World and News and New Work from the Two Macleods. 'The Skinner' in Hardcover: Underneath the Skin of Neal Asher. Don't Say "That's Not Me!" It is you. Daniel Jones Gets 27 writers to talk about the joys and the pains of being 'The Bastard on the Couch' Enter 'The Labyrinth' of Catherynne M. Valente: This Is Not the Way.
05/24/04-05/30/04 40 Signs of Kim Stanley Robinson: Rain, More Rain and the End of the World As We Know It; Fishing with 'Live Bait': PJ Tracy Throws a Monkeewrench in Your Plans to Jettison Serial Killer Fiction. Celebrate the End of Physics as We Know It in Newton's Wake: Ken Macleod's Latest Standalone Space Opera and a brief overview of his other work. Women of Mystery: Grafton, Muller, Paretsky on Film; Christa Faust Goes to Hoodtown: Masked Wrestlers and Lucha-Noir Vengenance Greeting an 'Iron Sunrise': The new Novel from Charles Stross. In: Adam Roberts Debuts in the US: 'Swiftly' from NightShade Books, Jude Fisher goes from Publishing Tolkien to 'Wild Magic'; 'Fools' Gold Part 2'
05/17/04-05/23/04 Recurring Fantasies: Returning to Our Favorite Worlds with Lucius Shepard and China Mieville Robert B. Parker's 'Double Play': Hardball & History, Mystery Scene's Photo Play: Authors Who Look Like Their, uh -- Books, yes, Books!, Kris Nelscott's Secret Identity: Down 'A Dangerous Road' to the Forbidden Genre. From 'Beneath Still Waters' to 'Missing Monday': 15 years of Matthew J. Costello. '30 Satires' by Lewis Lapham. The Resurrection of Byron Preiss: Isaac Asimov's 'Robot Dreams' with illustrations by Ralph McQuarrie. A Mega Dose of News: Aye Caramba! Nina Marie Martinez Gets to the Volcano Via 1963 Caddy, Hard Boiled LA Noir -- And Supernatural; The Quick by Dan Vining, One Fish, Two Fish, Goldfish, Go Fish: Talking With Tom Perrotta, and Mind the Gap: Alastair Reynolds 'Absolution Gap' Makes it to the US.
05/10/04-05/16/04 Harry Bosch Gets the Harry Potter Treatment: Michael Connelly's 'The Narrows'. A Dual Threat From Kevin J. Anderson: UK & US In Sync and Ready to Launch, A Brand Old Universal Futurology of Infamy: Rhys Hughes Studies the Future. One Year in a New York Alley: Robert Sullivan Lives with 'Rats'. Fortean Times 184: Lovecraft, Macular Degeneration and Martian UFOs. The Future of the Future: Tony Ballantyne's 'Recursion'. When the Cookie, No the Goldfish, Crumbles: Tom Perotta's 'Little Children'.
05/03/04-05/09/04 Used Book of the Week; H. P. Lovecraft's Miscellaneous Writings, The Great Amateur Revealed. Ms Found in a Radio Station: Davy Rothbart's First Book of Found Stuff, Locus 520: Pratchett, Williams and The Mystery of the Absent Gloss Gardens of the Moon in June: Tor to Release US Hardcover of the First of Steve Erikson's Epic Tales of the Malazan Book of the Fallen, Terry D'Auray on Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss. Rushes Round the Lake: Jay Lake's 'Green Grow the Rushes-Oh'. A Hat Full of Pratchett: Terry Pratchett's Muse Grabs Him by the Err…
04/26/04-05/02/04 The Razornail Radio Show: Lambshead Reading Live on KUSP. Fforde in Sync: Jasper Fforde's Triple Threat; Something is Definitely Not Rotten The Critic Codex Time Magazine Critic Lev Grossman Mixes Rare Books with Common Computer Games. The Irish Game: Steal This Painting, Buy This Book, Matthew Hart Follows the Vermeer. Writers Online: Robert Wexler Interview at Fantastic Metropolis and Jay Lake at Fictionwise, Randall Sullivan, PI: The Miracle Detective. A Nation that Will Never Be Again: The Weather Underground on PBS. Neal Stephenson Limited Editions from Wm Morrow: Not First But Best, Mark Helprin's A Winter's Tale Comes Home Again, with Beer and Fruit Loops.
04/19/04-04/25/04 Neal Stephenson Delivers 'The Baroque Cycle' in a Timely Manner: Don't Get Confused About Your Reading Goals. Reaping the Reader Rewards, A Reader's Suggestions: 'City of Pearl' by Karen Traviss and 'Mr.Timothy' by Louis Bayard. Cop Diary to Blue Blood: Edward Conlon's Cop Memoir, Louise Marley journeys to another planet with the Order Mary Magdalene and it ain't over till the skinny lady sings: a return to the NightSide with Simon R. Green's 'Nightingale's Lament'. Creatures, Jigs and Reels: 50 years of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, with an appearance by David J. Schow and Joanne Harris does 'Jigs and Reels' in her new UK short story collection. Plus, Serena Trowbridge wins a short story contest and willbe published in 'The Lady' a major UK periodical. Thomas Sullivan, Pulitzer Nominated Horror Writer: From the Pulitzer to the Pulps, Rounding up this month's periodicals: To India With Jesus and FT,From Locus With Love.
04/12/04-04/18/04 Good News from Lake Wu: Jay Lake & Frank Wu's Postcard from the over the Edge, Book Giveaway Winners Finally Shipped: "We're Givin' 'em away". Hand this Alien a Hookah: Julie Czerneda Achieves 'Survival' of the Fittest Writing. The 'Djinn' and the IHG Awards: From Left Coast Crime to the IHG Award & Bored Amazons on Iain Banks. John Clute 'Scores': Visions from the Oracle. Remembrance of books past, Elizabeth Redfern's 'Aurelius Rising'.
04/05/04-04/11/04 A Hugo for Thackery? EmCit, Stross, Berkwitz & More Down the Path to VanderMania and Further to One Shot Press: VanderMeer Websites and a New Mystery Imprint from Wildside. Japanese Lepers and Pearl Divers: 'The Pearl Diver': A First Novel by Jeff Talarigo. Brit Lit Mysteries and American Bad Men: Brookmyre & Fowler in the UK and Connolly in the US. Ian McDonald's Indian Summer: River of Gods, Due June 7, and Bob Eggleton covers harry Turtledove's 'Jaws of Darkness'. New Interviews with George Pelecanos and Richard Morgan.
03/29/04-04/04/04 The Mother Nightshade Lode: Kage Baker's Stories Collected in 'Mother Aegypt' Lethem Strikes a Super Goat Man Pose in the Oh-So-Literary New Yorker Back in the Saddle with Joe R. Lansdale, A Cold Call for the Complete Ash Tree Press Catalogue. Our Subterranean Rulers: News from the Underground Lair, including a massive Silverberg 60 year retrospective, a new collection from David Morrell and a science fiction collection from Peter Crowther. Fire Down Below! Video of Benjamin Markovits speaking on his first novel, 'The Syme Papers'. Dragons Above! An earlier fortean entry proves to be book related after all. Stunt marketing with fake dragons and fake news stories. Two layers -- yes two layers of fake! New from Tor UK: Gary Gibson's space opera 'Angel Stations', and the cover for Jon George's 'Faces of Mist and Flame'. Plus notes on the site and lots of mumbly-mouthed promises.
03/22/04-03/28/04 Ten Years of 'The Third Alternative': Magazine review, including a look at the fiction of Jay Caselberg. Urban dislocation made very real. Christopher Fowler on film. Vandermeer Update. Can you buy them fast enough? New Pan/Macmillan/TorUK titles from DJ VanderMeer, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Neal Asher sold out, Justina Ronson and Jeffrey Ford. Changing Faces with PS Publishing: Lebbon Sequel and Greenwood Titles from now out.
03/15/04-03/21/04 Springtime for Vertical, Spiral & Sayonara Gangsters in line to annihilate your reality. Bring Your Own Blood: The Conrad Williams London Tour Bureau. A new novella - 'Game' from Earthling publications and a new novel, 'London Revenant' from the Do-Not Press. New Phil Rickman Auto-Buy Selection: The House of the Baskervilles and Getting Past the Cover of the Lynn Abbey's Nightwear Psychic Line. Computers & Marriage Put to Bad Use in Ridley Pearson's 'The Body of David Hayes', Sucking Van Helsing Dry With Jeanne Cavelos and the Abyss Gang, Ian Graham's Drunken Vangrants in Fantasy, Catching Up with 1987 and first edition hardcover copy of Ian Banks' 'Consider Phlebas'. You Say You Want A 'Hard Revolution': Pelecanos Masterpiece With A Soundtrack.

03/08/04-03/14/04 Truly Underground Literature; Benjamin Markovits Digs up 'The Syme Papers'. Kristine Kathryn Rusch deals with the Consequences of Serial Fiction. Vampiric Effects from Tanya Huff and Dracula's Cookbook. Poetry & Westerns become New Frontiers for the SF&F Readers; Frieda Hughes 'Waxworks' and Loren Estleman's 'Port Hazard'.

03/01/04-03/07/04 The Bookman's Promise: I'll Sell Those Old Books I Don't Need; John Dunning on Tour. The Return of Jeffrey E. Barlough, Devereaux's Leisurely Legacy. Michael Marshall (Smith) Bonanza...MMS Collections: Bad News for Your Bank Balance, Good News for Your Brain Balance. Satan, Santa, Angels: A Long Strange Trip With Robert Devereax. Top Secret VanderMeer: Jeff Vandermeer's 'A Secret Life' Coming soon -- but not soon enough -- from Golden Gryphon. Michael Slade's 'Headhunter' -- a weekend score from Logos books -- is not just looking for a new employee!
02/23/04-02/29/04 Rot Till You Drop With Kate Christensen: 'The Epicure's Lament' and the Joy of Rot. Noreascon & Hugo Noms: Online Hugo Voting. Garish, Ghoulish and Great: Roger Corman: An Unauthorized Life, by Beverly Gray, Corman Staffer Tells All! Drugs, Drugs, Drugs & Flying Saucers: Catching Up with FT and New MMPB British Fantasy.
02/16/04-02/22/04 Putting the Sex back into Sex and Violence with Scott Phillips while Cory Doctorow re-defines romance, thrills and good, clean fun. 'Wintering' With Kate Moses and Sylvia Plath, Telos Takes on the Novella Challenge. Lawyers in Space and It's a Good Thing! The Return of John G. Hemry's Paul Sinclair. Froth it up with Lackey and Shinn. No pretentious spec-lit here! The Last Light of a New Fantasy by Guy Gavriel Kay,and the 2004 Nebula Awards Showcase edited by Vonda N. McIntyre.
02/09/04-02/15/04 That's another fine book you've got me to buy! The US Edition of Jasper Fforde's 'The Well of Lost Plots'. Talking with TC Boyle, new audio interview online. The West Goes Dark, Scott Phillips'Cottonwood turns out the lights in Kansas. On the Road With DeLint, Vess and Sub Press: An Advance Look at Medicine Road, written by Charles deLint and Illustrated by Charles Vess. The Next Alastair Reynolds novel, White Devils by Paul McAuley, Dark 'Gateways' by F. Paul Wilson, A New Standard for Jon George in 'Faces of Mist and Flame' & Finding Your Inner Old Coot with Kate Christensen in 'The Epicure's Lament'.
02/02/04-02/08/04 Women With Guns and a Dark Prince of Nothing, short stories and fat fantasy; Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You by Laurie Drummond and R. Scott Bakker's The Darkness That Comes Before, The Prince of Nothing Book 1. Hit the Road With Kerouac and Cthulhu, Jim Burns' Influential SF Art. The Future of Jon Courtenay Grimwood and China Mieville; Les Edwards Website.
01/26/04-02/01/04 Ending & Beginning with Alastair Reynolds and Peter F. Hamilton. Grimwood, Mor and TTA; New Old Grimwood, Caiseal Mor Goes Celtic on You and The Third Alternative is the best.... Michael Arnzen's 100 Jolts, Stepan Chapman's Polemic Chapbook, The Best of Deathrealm Re-Mystifying Reality With Night Shade Books' new 3 Volume set of 'The Collected Jorkens' by Lord Dunsany.
01/19/04-01/25/04 Grant and Fort; Rob Grant's Incompetence [Possessive or Contraction -- you Decide!] Charles Fort Collected First Edition and Dragon in a Jar. Cemetery Dance Issue 47: David Schow Interview & Fiction. McKillip Does Borges: A Good Thing?, Paperback Writers redux: Girly Guns & Spaceships vs Time Travelin' Girls & Mosasaurus. A Pox Upon You All: Ten Years of Literary Disease. Lovecraft & Williams Circle & Destroy; Joining the Lovecraft Circle when I score a used copy of Robert M. Price's 'The New Lovecraft Circle', and Night Shade Books suggests we 'Use Once, Then Destroy' with Conrad Williams.
01/12/04-01/18/04 Hairstyles & Hot Clones & Runaway Space Platforms, these are a few of my favorite things. Hairstyles from Plutonium to Doomsday with Zakour & Ganem and Omnifix from Scott Mackay. No brickbats for Dueling Book-Bricks from Cherryh & Gentle. From Tolkien to Witch to Wicca With Leslie Ellen Jones. A Very Special News Column; F&F offer a Shadowmancer Special Edition and Easton Press Leather-Bound Power. A Pete Von Sholly HPL Horrora Model Blitz, Walter Jon Williams Sequel to 'The Praxis', 'The Sundering' in UK TPB.