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History Repeated

Secret Architectures: A Conversation With David Mitchell Nazalee Raja speaks with with David Mitchell at his home in West Cork, Ireland about the secret architectures behind his ground-breaking fiction and his forthcoming novel, 'Black Swan Green'.
Being Smart: An interview with Lou Anders Rick Kleffel speaks with the editor of Live Without a Net and the new editor at the helm of SF Imprint Pyr Books.
Prizing the Derivatives: The Pastiche Perfected Wherein I discover the joys of derivative fiction via Matt Hughes, John Scalzi, Michael Chabon, John Pelan, Neil Gaiman, Rhys Hughes, Ramsey Campbell and all the shoulders upon which they stand.
Booksplitting Mad: But Buy 'The Family Trade' and 'The Hidden Family' Anyway. A Reader's Dilemma. A bit of a rant, I guess. I'm going to go buy a book to make myself feel better. You should too, buy a couple of Peter Watts and a couple of Charles Stross books. Then send email.
Atlanta Nights: "Think of What they'll Do To You" Science fiction writers hoax an Internet publisher that preys on novice authors. Mainstream publishers reject modern classics. Very bad fiction by very good writers offers a glimpse at the state of the prey.
Five by Ten: Five Ten-Best Lists From 2004 I doubt you'll find a more peculiar collection of titles than this. From Thomas Hardy to Tom Perotta, and that's only one list! A stellar cast of reviewers and writers.