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12/26/05-01/01/06 Good Night and Good Luck: Say Farewell to 2005 with Trade Paperbacks. Walter Mosley Rides 'The Wave': Riding Towards a Rant. Jeffrey Ford Explores The Cosmology of the Wider World: The Minotaur Talks, You Listen.
12/19/05-12/25/05 Smiles of a Ghost: Acknowledging the Limits of the Shelves. The Coming of Howard: Wandering Stars Become Glittering Gifts. Taking the Agony Out of Seasonal Shopping: Hill House Still Rules OK. Martin Davies Finds 'The Conjurer's Bird': Shaye Areheart Strikes Again.
12/12/05-12/18/05 A Brief Leading Rant: Mine Eyes Have Squinted at the Glory. Dean Koontz is 'Forever Odd': Remember The Atlantic. Christopher Priest's 'The Prestige': Back From Tor As If By Magic. 'Platinum Pohl': Actually Essential. Buy Steve Aylett's 'The Caterer': No Justification Required.
12/05/05-12/11/05 Interview with John Scalzi: 'The Ghost Brigades'. David Foster Wallace 'Consider the Lobster': Daggers, Stars and De-Bowdlerization. Justina Robson is 'Keeping It Real': Elves, Selves and Metal. Allen Steele Explores 'Coyote Frontier': Human Baggage Check. Crowswing Books from Sean Wright; Hardcase Crime and Stephen King: Paperback Monday.
11/28/05-12/04/05 Frederic Jameson 'Archaeologies of the Future': Utopia, Science Fiction and Change. Bob Madgic's 'Shattered Air': Electric Yosemite. Scott Lynch Tells 'The Lies of Locke Lamora': "Add Colors to the Chameleon". Elizabeth Bear is 'Worldwired': A Serious Series Novel. 'Temeraire' is 'His Majesty's Dragon' by Naomi Novik: On the Wings of a Massive Marketing Campaign.
11/21/05-11/27/05 Keith Brooke From Infinity Plus to 'Genetopia': A Really Long, Strange Trip. Tim Pratt Follows 'The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl': Coffeehouse Outlaws. Christopher Fowler's One Hundred and Fifty-Four Clocks: Two Ex Seven-Seven; Joel Lane Wanders 'The Lost District': 'The Earth-Wire' to Excellence. Davy Rothbart and Noria Jablonski: Weird Literary Short Fiction. 'The Rosetta Codex': The Return of Richard Paul Russo.
11/14/05-11/20/05 Joe Hill is Haunted by '20th Century Ghosts': Modern Horror And the Ugly Mind. Neal Asher Embarks on 'The Voyage of the Sable Keech': All Monsters, All the Time. Peter F. Hamilton Finds 'Judas Unchained' : One Book in Two. Noisy Outlaws and More from McSweeney's: Who Would Have Thought...? George R. R. Martin and Steven Erikson: A Feast for Fantasy Readers.
11/07/05-11/13/05 'The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana' from Jess Nevins: Literary Connections. 'Pushing Ice' With Alastair Reynolds: Welcome to Sensawunda R. Scott Bakker's 'The Thousandfold Thought': A Fantasy Finishes. Walter Jon Williams 'Conventions of War': The End of the Universe in High Style. "The Haves Do Rather Well": A Conversation With Richard Morgan.
10/31/05-11/06/05 Mark Gatiss and Ian Bass 'The Vesuvius Club: Graphic Edition': A Graphic Graphic Novel. Barbara Hambly's 'Circle of the Moon': Completing the Circle. Thomas Ligotti Stands In 'The Shadow at the Bottom of the World': For A Few Words More; Tobias S. Buckell Waits For a 'Crystal Rain': Wicked-High SF. A Conversation With Mary Roach: Science and the Soul. Rose Connors Seeks 'Maximum Security': Stay Starry-Eyed; Carrie Vaughn’s 'Kitty and the Midnight Hour': Midnight Monster Radio.
10/24/05-10/30/05 Joseph Nassise's 'Heretic': Into the Fray. M. John Harrison's 'Virconium': Bantam Spectra Gets It Right. Greg Rucka Is Everywhere: 'Private Wars', 'Perfect Dark' and Novelists For Hire. David Marusek is 'Counting Heads': Some Are Attached. Charles Burns' 'Black Hole', Steve Powers First & Fifteenth Chris Ware's Acme Novelty Library: Graphic Novels Forge Fear-Inducingly Ahead.
10/17/05-10/23/05 An Audio Interview with Myla Goldberg: Dangerous Symmetry. Kris Saknussemm Visits 'Zanesville': Journey to the Center of the Mirth. Joe Abercrombie 'The Blade Itself': The Thing About Fantasy. Kim Stanley Robinson's 'Fifty Degrees Below': Signs of Life. A Print Interview With Myla Goldberg: Flu Season.
10/10/05-10/16/05 Richard Matheson's 'Noir': The Trickle-Up Effect. Jonathan Carroll Serves 'Glass Soup': A Feast of Reading. The Best of Philip Jose Farmer: Sub Press in the Flesh. Deborah J. Miller Steals Your Time With 'Swarmthief's Dance': A Strange New Fantasy Series by Scotland's Other Fantasy Author. NPR Audio Link: Cast Your Vote; Justina Robson is 'Living Next Door to the God of Love': Choose Your Own Reality; Karl Schroeder Joins the With 'Lady of Mazes': The Maze in Publicity.
10/03/05-10/09/05 Jennifer Vandever Embarks Upon 'The Brontë Project': PR Squared. Update: Agony Column SF on NPR. Living with Lightning. R. Scott Bakker 'The Warrior Prophet': TPB Fantasy Brick & Yellow Brick; Crimewave 8 Cold Harbours: "I do this in darkness."; John Marsden 'Out of Time': Slide Into YA Fiction. Walter Kirn 'Mission To America': Road Trip Religion; Brian Lumley is 'Screaming Science Fiction': Scary in Some Sense. Reset: 'Where's My (cash) Cow?' by Terry Pratchett: This Book Goes "Moo!"; 'Dr. Futurity' by Philip K. Dick: Completing the SF Collection. David Gemmel's 'Troy:Lord of the Silver Bow': Hiding Fantasy Inside History; Meredith Broussard's 'The Encyclopedia of Exes': A to Z of Bad Relationships.
09/26/05-10/02/05 John Gimlette 'Theatre of Fish: Travels Through Newfoundland and Labrador': "Schools for three and bars for one". 'The James Sallis Reader' from Point Blank Press: Reasons to Read, Reasons to Write, Reasons to Get Up at 3:30 AM. Can You Make It Shorter and Add More Pictures? Building the Better Hotcake With 'A Briefer History of Time' by Stephen Hawking and leonard Mlodinow. Evidence of Things Unseen: A Conversation With Aimee Bender. Gaiman, Morgan, VanderMeer: Familiar Names and New US Titles. A bit of a rant.
09/19/05-09/25/05 Shana Abé's 'The Smoke Thief': Were Dragons Go HC; Drool No More! Sarah Ash Has Shed the Final Tears of Artamon. A Conversation with Jeff Ford: Calling All Spirits. Scott Mackay Rides the 'Tides': Pyr's November Hardcover. Paul Clemens was 'Made in Detroit' & David Margolick Goes 'Beyond Glory': Two Shots of Truth, That's Yer Limit Fella. 'Flaming London' by Joe R. Lansdale : The Joys of Too Much.
09/12/05-09/18/05 Jabberwocky Edited by Sean Wallace: The -Ical Approach. Blake Crouch Opens 'Locked Doors': Being Careful What You Wish For. Myla Goldberg Cures the World With 'Wickett's Remedy': Patent Medicine for the Troubled Soul. Jack Kerley's 'The Hundredth Man': Mobile Bureacracy. Lee Child Gets 'One Shot': Reaching for the New Jack Reacher Novel.
09/05/05-09/11/05 Visionary Terror: A Conversation with Chris Cleave Adrian McKinty's 'The Dead Yard': Tough Talk and Flat-Out Lies. Paul Park 'A Princess of Roumania': "Bad Enough to Please". John Crowley's 'Lord Byron's Novel The Evening Land': Possessive and Obsessive Literature. Terry Pratchett Goes 'Thud!': Discworld Declares a Truce on Reality.
08/29/05-09/04/05 Alexander Irvine's 'The Narrows': Manufacturing Magic in WWII. Rebecca Horsfall is 'Dancing on Thorns' and Candace Bushnell Rules the 'Lipstick Jungle': Girly Book Explosion. A Not-So-Brief History of History in Fantasy: The O'Brian Factor; Jacqueline Carey Sarah Ash, Terry Brooks, Patrick O'Brian, Harry Turtledove and Noreen Doyle, James M. Ward. 'Galileo's Children' and FSM: Evolution in Action!; Robert Pinsky's 'The Life of David' and Alicia Suskin Ostriker's 'No Heaven': Poetic Double-Header. Tanith Lee is Here in Cold Hell: Book Two of the Lionwolf Trilogy; Simon R. Green Stalks a 'Blue Moon Rising: Rewind and Reprint.
08/22/05-08/28/05 Lucius Shepard Shoots for 'Eternity' and Nightshade Offers 'Trujillo': Shepherding Shepard; Sutin's 'Divine Invasions' & Carrere's 'I Am Alive': PKD Trade Paperback Bios. 'Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading' by Maureen Corrigan: A Familiar Sentiment; 'Big Weather' by Mark Svenvold: Run This Way -- Or This Way. Michael Cunningham's 'Specimen Days': The Literary Spin. Jeffrey Ford's 'The Girl in the Glass': Now Marketed as TPB Mainstream Literature; Tim Powers' 'Strange Itineraries'; Plan Your Trip Wisely. Myths for the Modern Age Edited by Win Scott Eckert: Philip José Farmer's Wold Newton Universe Wrought Large; Guru Guru Pon-Chan by Satomi Ikezawa: Del Rey Does Manga.
08/15/05-08/21/05 Gary Gibson 'Against Gravity': Guantanamo Bay in Space; Tess Gerritsen 'Vanish': The Pregnant Hostage. Brett Easton Ellis 'Lunar Park': Bring On the Horror; Michael Marshal SMITH, I tell you SMITH 'Blood of Angels': Ward Vs The Upright Man Round Three. Adventure Vol 1: Chris Roberson's Pulp Extravaganza; Ken Macleod is 'Learning the World': Fermi and First Contact From Our Favorite Scottish Socialist. Mary Roach 'Spook': Science Tackles the Afterlife ; Christopher Brookmyre's Madcap Mayhem: 'All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses an Eye'.
08/01/05-08/07/05 Your Fantasy Comes to Life: Agony Column News Even When We're On Vacation. Terry Weyna Reads F&SF: "It's a Bargain."; More Travel News: Agony on the Road.
07/25/05-07/31/05 Aimee Bender's 'Willful Creatures': The Ungrateful Children of Every-Damn-One. "It's actually scarier when something is unknown": A Conversation With Elizabeth Kostova. "We learn to become normal": A Conversation With James Frey; 'Pay the Piper' and 'Singer of Souls': Adam Stemple & Jane Yolen Sing for their Supper. Adrienne Miller Explores 'The Coast of Akron': Dysfunctional Family, Midwestern Style.
07/18/05-07/24/05 Charlie Huston Finds 'Six Bad Things': What Happened to the cat? Chris Cleave is 'Incendiary': Timing is Everything Elizabeth Kostaova's 'The Historian' has Risen From the Grave: No Keeping a Cultural Icon Down! Joe Haldeman Looks to the 'Old Twentieth': Time Travel is a Virtual. George Pendle's 'Strange Angel': John Whiteside Parsons Explores the Dark Side.
07/11/05-07/17/05 Kit Reed is 'Bronze': Dark Arts & The Internet. Orson Scott Card on 'Magic Street': A Long, Strange Trip; Updated 'Silverheart' Cover Image by John Picacio. Gregory Frost Withstands 'The Attacks of the Jazz Giants': An Outstanding Illustrated Short Story Collection From Golden Gryphon. Liz Williams 'Snake Agent'; Michael Moorcock and Storm Constantine 'Silverheart': Blurring the Lines: Night Shade Books and Pyr Books Fill In a Sizable Niche.
07/04/05-07/10/05 'Big Bosoms and Square Jaws: The Biography of Russ Meyer, King of the Sex Film: Jimmy McDonough Just Can't Get Enough; Blood Red by James Moore: Earthling Books Part 3: Tramps, Vamps and "Parts of Your Body That Disgust me More than Your Face". Eric Brown Documents 'The Extraordinary Voyage of Jules Verne': Two of a Perfect Pair, Part One; Simon Clarke and Tim Lebbon Get Up To 'Exorcizing Angels': Two of a Perfect Pair, Part Two, Earthling Books Part 2. 'Hammerjack' by Marc D. Giller: The Inevitable Post-Matrix Post-911 Cyberpunk Novel ; A Column in Little Bits: Looking at the Small Press Publisher Earthling Publications: King Rat by China Miéville served with a side of Mini-Interview. Alma Alexander's Roisinan Tales: Fantasy From Down Under. Captain Bluebear and The Bright Spot: Celebrate Your Independence With Unusual Reading.
06/27/05-07/03/05 Susan Palwick Returns: 'The Necessary Beggar'. Undercurrents: An Interview With Andrew Vachss. Stephen Dedman Describes Things 'Never Seen By Waking Eyes': Short, Strange and Obscure. Glen Cook Greets 'The Tyranny of the Night': A New Hardcover Series from Tor. China Miéville is 'Looking for Jake': Short Stories to Mind the Gap.
06/20/05-06/26/05 Al Sarrantonio, Editor and Writer: 'Hornets and other Stories' from CD and 'Flights: Extreme Visions of Fantasy'. Christopher Sorrentino Puts You In A 'Trance': Hypnotized by the SLA. Daniel H. Wilson 'How to Survive A Robot Uprising': "Danger Will Robinson!"; James Lovegrove Invites You to Meet 'Provender Gleed': Insanely Rich and Richly Insane. 'Shadowfall 'by James Clemens: An Underground Life. Random Thoughts for A Monday Morning: Will They Respect Us Afterwards? ; James Howard Kunstler's 'The Long Emergency': Hope It's Science Fiction.
06/13/05-06/19/05 Jon Courtenay Grimwood's '9 Tail Fox' and 'Effendi': Stalingrad 1942, San Francisco 2kx, and El Iskandria. Andreas Eschbach 'The Carpet Makers': Importing the Finest Vintages -- Through A Filter. Jackpot by Tsipi Keller: Moral Degradation as Horror Fiction. Talking Sherlock Holmes: A Conversation With Mitch Cullin and Laurie R. King. 'Freddy and Fredericka' by Mark Helprin: Farce with a Literary Pedigree.
06/06/05-06/12/05 Derryl Murphy 'Wasps At The Speed Of Sound': Faster Than The Impending Apocalypse; John Varley's 'Mammoth': Not a Shaggy Elephant Story. Michael A. Stackpole Opens 'A Secret Atlas': The Power of the Map; Charles Coleman Finlay's 'The Prodigal Troll': The Changeling Child. Andrew Vachss Catches 'Two Trains Running': Crime and Politics -- and Punishment. Clare Asquith's 'Shadowplay': Shakespeare's Hidden Politics. 'To Charles Fort, With Love' from Caitlin R. Kiernan: Stories of the Damned.
05/30/05-06/05/05 Don’t Worry, 'It's Only Temporary': Eric Shapiro Blows Up the World Good. An Advance Look at 'Accelerando' : Stross and the Single Singularity. James Frey Follows Up with 'My Friend Leonard': Crackhead to Bag Man to Husband. Patricia A. McKillip 'Od Magic': Gods and Gardeners. Tanya Huff Smoke & Mirrors: Nobody Escapes the Vampire Epic.
05/23/05-05/29/05 Jack Williamson Steps Through 'The Stonehenge Gate': Old School Ass-Kicking; Cherie Priest Offers a Sumptuous Meal of 'Four and Twenty Blackbirds': Supernatural Southern Gothic; Make Magazine V.02: HOWTO Every Damn Thing. Jane Yolen and Patrick Nielsen Hayden Offer Up 'The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens': Not Just For Kids; Gardener Dozois Fathers 'Galileo's Children': The Politics of Science (Fiction). Daniel Clowes Visits 'Ice Haven': "A Narraglyphic Picto-Assemblage". Who Will Tell the Story? A Conversation With Chuck Palahniuk. Fiona Avery 'The Crown Rose': Just a Hint of the Fantastic, Please.
05/16/05-05/22/05 Lost Buildings by Ira Glass and Chris Ware: Lights, Camera, Embarrassment. Jasper Fforde Serves Up 'The Big Over Easy': A Hardboiled Nursery Crime. A Conversation With John Burdett: "...the culture of guilt versus the culture of shame..." Arthur L. Miller Seeks 'The Empire of the Stars': Obsession, Friendship and Betrayal in the Quest for Black Holes. Brandon Sanderson Debuts in 'Elantris': Ripped From the Slush Pile.
05/09/05-05/15/05 Jane Lindskold Child of a Rainless Year: Waking Up the House. Brian Lumley enters 'The House of Cthulhu': Wearing the Weird Horror Fantasy Hat. Connie Willis Does an 'Inside Job': A New Novella from Subterranean Press. William F. Nolan Explores A 'Wild Galaxy': Classics from a Class Act. John G. Hemry 'Rules of Evidence': Space-Based Military Mystery; Simon R. Green 'Hex and the City': Back on the Nightside With John Taylor. Ace paperbacks you should buy and why.
05/02/05-05/08/05 A. Lee Martinez Opens 'Gil's All Fright Diner': You Want Fries With that Finger? Tim Lucas 'The Book of Renfield': Another Cutting Edge. George Alec Effinger Live! From Planet Earth: Our Favorite Writers Pick Their Favorite Stories. Jim Fergus 'The Wild Girl': Rip Roaring Historical Fiction; Michael Cobley 'Shadowmasque': Seeping Evil. Lee Martin Plunges Into 'The Bright Forever': Form Follows Content; Hot Property: Stealing Ideas in an Age of Globalization by Pat Choate: StealTh is Book.
04/25/05-04/31/05 Scott Nicholson is Bringing It All Back to 'The Home': Another Appalachian Gothic Thriller. Ben Bova Mercury: Grand Tour from the Un-Grizzled; 'The Brian Lumley Companion': Blurb-Checking. Paul McAuley 'Mind's Eye': Bad Signs; A Conversation with Kazuo Ishiguro: "...the usual expectations of realism are announced to have been abandoned..." Laurie R. King 'Locked Rooms': Mary Russell, Sherlock Holmes and San Francisco. Dan Chaon 'You remind me of me': The Identity Game.
04/18/05-04/24/05 Andre Norton 'Three Hands for Scorpio': An Author's Farewell. Chuck Palahniuk is 'Haunted' by Hype: A Novel In Stories. Sean Williams' 'The Resurrected Man': Mature Future Mystery. Jim Butcher 'Dead Beat': Dresden Files Debut in Hardcover; Ian R. Macleod's 'The House of Storms': US Hardcover Arrival. The People of Paper by Salvador Plascencia: "Asylum Under the avant-garde"; Michael Blumlein 'The Healer': Body Healing Horrific Science Fiction.
04/11/05-04/17/05 Paul Di Filippo 'The Emperor of Gondwanaland' and Charles Coleman Finlay 'Wild Things': The Return of the Single Author Story Collection. Publisher Spotlight on Basic Books; Richard P. Feynman 'Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track, G. Wayne Miller 'The Xeno Chronicles', Neil Gershenfeld 'Fab': Science for Science Fiction Readers and Writers. Alexander Parsons Lives 'In the Shadows of the Sun': From Pearl Harbor to the Bomb; Elizabeth Bear 'Scardown': Off of the Earth, Into the Fire. Pam Lewis Warns 'Speak Softly, She Can Hear': Your Friend's Enemy; Paul McAuley's 'Little Machines': Prose Engines. David Francis Charts 'The Great Inland Sea': Sunburn Country; Richard Matheson is 'Earthbound': In the Past, Beyond the Grave; Damien Broderick Joins 'Godplayers': Omnipotence Seen as a Video Game; Stephan Zielinski Interview: Hard Boiled Monsters.
04/04/05-04/10/05 Craig Spector was 'Underground': Springtime for Horror in America; Robert Reed Escapes 'The Well of Stars': A Sequel for 'Marrow' and 'Mere'; Eva: A NASA Robot. Ian McEwan's 'Saturday': UK Edition; Laurell K. Hamilton's 'A Stroke of Midnight': Playing in the Darkness; Carol Firenze 'The Passionate Olive': 101 Things to Do With Olive Oil. Mark Kurlansky Lets it All Hang Out in 'Boogaloo on 2nd Avenue: A Novel of Pastry, Guilt and Music': From Terse Non-Fictionalist to Voluble Novelist; Chris Roberson 'Here, There & Everywhere' Lives Up to Its Title: The Universe Traveling Wife. Terry Lamsley Conference With The Dead: It's Alive. Alan Dean Foster 'The Light Years Beneath My Feet': Marcus & Walker V2; Eric Flint, 'The Rivers of War': An Alternate American Frontier.
03/28/05-04/03/05 Hal Duncan Vellum: Folding Up the Multiverse. Greil Marcus 'Like A Rolling Stone': Bob Dylan At The Crossroads. Mitch Cullin, 'A Slight Trick of the Mind': Post Hiroshima Holmes; Peter Rushforth's 'Pinkerton's Sister': Macadam Cage's Follow Up to A Perfect Novel; Richard Cox Investigates 'The God Particle': Beyond the Higgs Boson. Anne Perry 'Long Spoon Lane': Anarchists to Terrorists. Hugo Shortlist: The Country of the Mind. The Gypsy by Steven Brust and Megan Lindholm who also writes as Robin Hobb: Music, Folk Tales and Mean Streets; Steve Berry 'The Third Secret': Fatima Calling.
03/21/05-03/27/05 Peter Hamilton's Pandora's Star MMPB as Book Brick: Photos Prove It's True! ; Ben Bova's 'Tales of the Grand Tour': Twelve Road Maps to the Stars. 'Alanya to Alanya' by L. Timmel Duchamp: Aliens, Terrorists and Sleight-of-Hand Government. Jan Lars Jensen, From 'Shiva 3000' to 'Nervous System': Broken Gods and Broken Minds. Doorstops on the Doorstep: David Farland 'The Lair of Bones', 'The Last Light of the Sun' by Guy Gavriel Kay, Irene Radford 'Guardian of the Freedom', Dennis L, McKiernan Once Upon A Winter's Night, Julian May Ironcrown Moon, Curt Benjamin 'Lords of Grass and Thunder. 'Two Splendid Reasons to Buy Books: Charles De Lint's 20th Anniversary Edition of 'Moonheart' and Argosy 3: Spring 2005.
03/14/05-03/20/05 'The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines' by John Crowley: From Conjunctions to Hardcover; Martin Sketchley 'The Destiny Mask': The Structure Grows in Trade Paperback. Three Glossy NY Publisher Books: 'The Greenstone Grail' by Amanda Hemingway, 'Dead of Night' by Randy Wayne White, and 'Leaving the Saints' by Martha Beck. Steve Aylett on Jeff Lint: A Science Fictional Biography. Jeff VanderMeer 'Shriek: An Afterword': The Shriek Heard 'Round the World; John Burdett 'Bangkok Tattoo': Needles in the Book Stack. Three Disparate Books: Dan Chernenko 'The Scepter's Return': An Absence of Toasters, Caroline Kraus 'Borderlines': Psycho Memoir, 'Nebula Awards Showcase 2005' Edited by Jack Dann: Playing Catch-Up In Style.
03/07/05-03/13/05 Ben Jeapes Uncovers 'The New World Order': YAltHist; Robert J. Sawyer's 'Fossil Hunter': Escape from the Vault; 'The Poet's Guide to Life: The Wisdom of Rilke': Thinner Than You'd Think, Thicker Than You Deserve Steve Cash 'The Meq' and Cecilia Dart-Thornton 'The Iron Tree': American Appearances; Stephen Gallagher Opens 'The Spirit Box': Experimental Drug Fiction. 'Dragonsblood' by Todd McCaffrey: Keeping It In the Family; Victor Gollancz Double Play: Richard Morgan's 'Woken Furies' and Steph Swainston's 'No Present Like Time': Come the Revolution & Pawns on Drugs. Accepting Chaos: A Conversation With Steve Erickson. A Box Full of Mysteries: 'The James Deans' by Reed Farrell Coleman, 'Cold Dish' by Cragi Johnson, 'Eye Opener' by Michael Lewin, 'All the FLowers are Dying' by Lawrence Block, 'The Georgrapher's Library' by Jon Fasman, 'The Coroner's Lunch' by Collin Cotterill 'Los Angeles' by Peter Moore Smith, 'Wrong Side of the Wall' by Eric Stone.
02/28/05-03/06/05 'Cast of Shadows' by Kevin Guilfoile: SF Slips into the Mainstream; 'The Reluctant Spiritualist' by Nancy Rubin Stuart: The Life of Ghostbusted Maggie Fox; JK Potter Laughin' Boy Cover Art Exclusive. Paul Di Filippo 'Harp, Pipe and Symphony', Bryn Llewellyn 'The Rat and the Serpent': Prime Time. Black Blossom by Boban Knezevic: Night Blooms from Serbia. Tamar Yellin and 'The Genizah at the House of Shepher': From Yorkshire to Jerusalem. Literary Monday: Ian McEwan 'Saturday' and Haruki Murakami 'Kafka on the Shore'. A Brief History of Ian McEwan. Murakami, Music and Shrines.
02/21/05-02/27/05 Bradley Denton 'Laughing Boy': Twentieth Century Schizoid Men & Women. John Scalzi's 'Agent to the Stars': From Trunk to Treasure. Night Shade's Manly Wade Wellman Series: 'Giants from Eternity' and 'Strangers on the Heights': The Library in Your House; Arturo Perez Reverte 'The Flanders Panel: Literary Checkmate. Sharon Shinn, Eric Garcia, John Maddox Roberts: SF Roundup Part Three, The Hits Just Keep on Coming. SF Roundup Part 2: The Small Press; Howard Waldrop 'The Heart of Whitenesse', Alexander Irvine, 'The Life of Riley', Michel Houellebecq 'The Elementary Praticles' and 'H. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life', Graham Joyce, 'The Limits of Enchantment'.
02/14/05-02/20/05 Yeehah! Big Ol' SF&F Roundup: Probably Part One. Ian McDonald 'River of Gods', Kristen Britain, 'First Rider's Call', Stephan Zielinski's 'Bad Magic', Harry Turtledove and Martin H. Greeberg 'The Best Time Travel Stories of the 20th Century', Harry Turtledove 'Homeward Bound'. The Life of the Arts: 'Beautiful Inez' by Bart Schneider and 'The Poet of Tolstoy Park' by Sonny Brewer. The Extremes of Fantasy: David Coe's 'Bonds of Vengeance' and Linda Ferri's 'Enchantments'. William Nicholson in 'The Society of Others': Defying Rational Expectations; Len Bailey's 'Clabbernappers': We're Not in Chicago Anymore, Danny Ray. On Saint Valentine's Day, Hill House Demonstrates Why We Love Reading: A Close-Up Look at Ray Bradbury's 'The Cat's Pajamas'.
02/07/05-02/13/05 Erikson & Miéville, Night Shade and Tor: Hard News and Hard Covers. M. G. Lord Rolls Out the 'Astro Turf': The Private Life of Rocket Science. Gun-Toting, Ballroom-Gown-Wearing Gals: Some Revolutionary Mothers are Bigger Than Other Revolutionary Mothers. Lucius Shepard's 'Handbook of American Prayer': Messiah, USA -- A Conversation With Lucius Shepard; Nick Salvatore is 'Singing ins a Strange Land': C. L. Franklin, The Black Church and The Transformation of America. Martin Sketchley Springs 'The Affinity Trap': A Third Sex; Jason Youngbluth's 'My Little Golden Book of Zogg': A Pretty Parasitic Invasion.
01/31/05-02/06/05 George Pelecanos Visits 'Drama City': Dogcatchers & Drug Runners; Kenzo Kitakata Gets a 'Winter Sleep': Hardboiled Artists: Tough Times for Tough Guys; Hill House Re-Invents the Wheel, er Disc: Hardcover Discworld Editions. The Two Steve[n] Eri(c)ksons: Literate Fantasy and Fantastic Literature. Douglas Coupland's 'Eleanor Rigby': Not Just a Cover Version; Dean Bakopoulos 'Please Don't Come back from the Moon': "I took the cash." Marvin Kaye Queues Up 'The Dragon Quintet': Card, Lackey, Lee, Moon and Swanwick Get Wings and Scales; Tim Kendall-Carpenter, Bookseller Beyond: A Tale of Exemplary Customer Service. CJ Cherryh's New Foreigner Novel, 'Destroyer': Three of A Perfect Pair; Simon R. Green's 'Deathstalker Coda': Death of the Deathstalker Series?
01/24/05-01/30/05 See You in Glasgow: Worldcon 2005, Bring Your Own Dog-Shocker; Tom Bissell Knows that 'God Lives in St. Petersburg': Pushcart Prize-Winning, Published in Harper's and The Believer, This Guy Leads a hard-Workin' but Charmed Life. Posing As People With Orson Scott Card: Three Stories, Three Plays, 4 CDs; Jude Fisher's Fools Gold Part 3, 'The Rose of the World: Man Woman & Beast. Drink Up with Rudy Rucker in 'Frek and the Elixir': Trade Paperback CootPunk SF; Bill Hayes Has 'Five Quarts': Writing In Blood. Playing 'The Graveyard Game' With Kage Baker: Tor Brings Back the Back-Catalogue. Mary Gentle is Under the Penitence, Juliet McKenna Takes 'Turns & Chances', Peter Crowther's Postscripts Number 2: A PS Publishing Monday.
01/17/05-01/23/05 Time to Get 'Hammered' With Elizabeth Bear: Black Helicopters Over America. Enter 'The House of Storms' with Ian R. Macleod: Lighting Up Your Life; BBC Does Sherlock Holmes, ESA Does Titan, Alastair Reynolds 'Chasing Janus', Les Edwards / Edward Miller, Clarion Auction Preview: Places to Go, People to See. L. E. Modesitt, Jr. is the First in 'Ordermaster': Language Of and For Teens. Weeds of Fear and Fantasy: The Periodical Table of Speculative Fiction. Mercedes Lackey's Hot Supernatural Detective Tales!: 'Burning Water' Walk With Me! 52 Weeks of Daily Book News: My Personal Anniversary; Ben Bova Launches a 'Powersat': Technology, Terrorism and Hard SF.
01/10/05-01/16/05 Mark Gatiss Joins 'The Vesuvius Club': Lucifer Box Esquire Commands Your Attention. Steve Cash's 'The Meq' from Del Rey: There and Back Again. Adrian McKinty's 'Hidden River', Peter Robinson's 'Strange Affair' and Stewart O'Nan Teams With Stephen King in 'Faithful': The D'Auray Report. Deciphering 'Gene' by Stel Pavlou: Book, Treatment, Movie or NOTA? Graphic Novel Give Away Winners: Imagine That!; The Periodic Table of Magazines: F&SF February 2005, Locus January 2005, the New Yorker January 10, 2005, and Fortean Times February 2005.
01/03/05-01/09/05 Chris Moriarty 'Spin State': Hard Science and Easy Reading. Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie 'The Duke's Ballad': The Great Indoctrinator; Peter Watts 'Behemoth: Seppuku': Abandon All Hope, Period. Cory Doctorow's New Novel 'Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town': Urban Magic and Internet Connectivity; Elizabeth McKenzie's 'Stop That Girl': From Fix Up to a Novel in Stories. Wish You Were Here: The Official Biography of Douglas Adams; Ted Chiang Stories of Your Life and Others: Finally, Damnit, What Held Me Back? Jason Erik Lundberg 'Scattered Covered Smothered', Cherith Baldry 'The Roses of Roazon' and John Scalzi 'Old Man's War': Starting the year out right with selections from the Small Press, US Majors and UK Imports.