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12/27/02 New Simon R. Green, Peshawar Lancers PB, and Tor Cover for Neal Asher's Gridlinked


I did not expect to enjoy the first Simon R. Green book I got, and it took some convincing on the part of my good friends Andy Fairclough, from HorrorWorld, and Mark V. Ziesing, bookseller extraordinaire, to get me to read it. But in the end I loved 'Drinking Midnight Wine'. So this recently arrived hardcover exntensino of the Deathstalker saga definitely has me intrigued. It just arrived int he mail today. Yes, I'm a lucky guy. Now, if you had asked me one year ago, "Would you, Rick, be looking forward to another chapter in a space opera saga you've never read?", I'd'a told yez I had some litrachur to be reading. But, having actually read Green's stuff, I found his prose excellent, his characters read-worthy and his book overall quite funny and enjoyable. So here I am signing up for another one in the queue. It'll probably go in the SF of 2003 column, along with Asher's latest and Richard Morgan's latest, both burning my nerve at the top of my queue.

All hail the new, less costly and more loanable version of 'The Peshawar Lancers' from S. M. Stirling. I loved the novella set in this world, which can be found in 'Worlds That Weren't'. I haven't actually read this, but my ultra-picky reading buddy gave it high marks. Let me tell you, she's really, really viscious when it comes to criticism. She'll gut a book and hang it out on the laundry lines for failing to meet her high standards, which are higher than mine. But she loved this novel, and so I've got to expect that it's pretty damn good. Let me know what you think if you read it.


Speaking of picky readers, both Jan and my wife enjoyed these books. They're hoping that Harris does more with her undead hunk in the upcoming titles. These vampires have a lot of history that's left unexcavated. There are possibilities that Harris can and should explore. Let's hope she does, as both women think that the lead character is pretty spot-on.



And here, direct from Neal Asher is a copy of the cover for the US version of 'Gridlinked'. It's my intuition that Asher will do very well in the US. This cover for 'Gridlinked' should help him attract the right audience, though I liked the UK version as well. Time will tell if Asher will hit -- but he's sure got all the right ingredients.