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03-29-03: The Latest from PS Publishing

James Barclay & Cliff Burns PS Titles

The lovely cover of James Barclay's incredible 'Light Stealer'.

I've already read and reviewed this title. You'd better buy it now -- it's one of the best. 'Light Stealer' offers a very science fictional premise for a fantasy novella.

Harking back to the 1970's cover style, PS Publishing's 'Righeous Blood' by Cliff Burns.

I haven't read this novella yet, but the cover is reminiscent of the stuff that used to scare me when I was a kid. Burns' 'The Reality Machine' collects 15 short stories in a similarly paged format.

03-28-03: Don't Get Left Behind!

Let Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins Show You How to Outlive the Apocalypse! Don't get 'Left Behind!'

End-times Apocalypse spam. You knew it had to happen.

Presumably, one can file this under "You know it's REALLY the End Times when...." It's nice to see books muscle in on the build your love-muscle action.