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09-04-03: Back to Unreality

I'm baaaaaaaaack. Emphasis on the "Aaaaaaaaack".

It's just a memory, alas.

Well, I got back late Tuesday evening (9/2), and it took me most of yesterday just to slog through the necessities of humdrum life. I love those necessities and court their closeness. Today, I'm opening up a bit of space and starting to return to the unrealities of reading. I've got a lot of backlog to get through; Serena has sent me her insightful look at 'The Light Ages' (no link until I post her review, you can find mine here. Terry has sent me four, count 'em four book reviews. Don't drink milk while reading them, unless you want to spray your monitor. And I have interviews with James Barclay, David Langford and John Clute; wonderful entertaining gentlemen all. Alas, it will take me a while to get them up on the site, as I'm talking to Charles de Lint this evening. The whole thrust of this is the traditional "Please Stand By". Technicians are Working on the problem. I have the Hugo finale and the "most exclusive party at the convention" still to come. Apparently Charles Stross made it home in fine fettle. Back to content generation. This is a test. Had this been an actual emergency, you would have been pacified with hopeful messages encouraging you to spend your disposable capital and drain any life's savings that you might have hoped to pass on to your descendants.