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09-30-03: Lambshead Proof Contest Giveaway, Bruce Sterling on Tech that Deserves to Die, William Dietz, Brenchley & Bergstrom New Releases

A Cure Worse Than the Disease:

Lambshead Proof Contest Giveaway

One of two proofs to go!

I have a couple of proofs of the Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases. I'm giving them to the two best 300 word or less essays/images/whatevers describing A Cure Worse Than the Disease. Email them to me by 10/3/03; the results will go up in a special on 10/7/03, and be mailed out shortly thereafter.

Bruce Sterling on Tech that Deserves to Die

Bruce Sterling opines on the topic of Technologies that deserve to die.

Bruce Sterling is an eloquent spokesman for science fact as experienced by those who tend to read science fiction. In a column over at Technology Review dot Com, he gives his opinion about the ten techs that deserve to die, which in order are...

1. Nuclear Weapons

2. Coal-Based Power

3. The Internal-Combustion Engine

4. Incandescent Light Bulbs

5. Land Mines

6. Manned Spaceflight

7. Prisons

8. Cosmetic Implants

9. Lie Detectors

10. DVDs

You'll have to go to the column to read his reasons; while you might disagree with his choices or the reasoning behind them, you don't want miss out on anything from one of our most entertaining and thought-provoking writers.

Chaz Brenchley v 5

Only one more to go; you can probably start reading them now with the confidence that by the time you get ready to finish the saga, the last book will be out.

Ah, the continuing story of Chaz Brenchley's trilogy split into six books. We're in the final lap now. here's book five, and given the sprightly release schedule, I think it's safe to say that you can start reading v1 with the certainty that you'll have v6 on hand by the time you get to v5, since as we know, v5 and v6 comprise one volume in the original release. We hope, unless the splits were done very oddly. But at least we don't have years to wait, as is too often the case.

Elaine Bergstrom Offers More Vampires to a Vampire-Starved World

You might think this gal is waiting for a shower, Carrie-style.

Now, I know that Elizabeth Bergstrom is a good writer, but one must ask if we really need another vampire novel at the particular moment. Especially one that features classy, buxom gals bathing in blood. But I read the first part of this and she does have a nice, compelling voice. Good writing can make up for a lot of sins. If you're in starved for vampires, now that Buffy's left the building, you can look here to cure your thirst.

William C. Dietz back in Battle

William C. Dietz is back in battle with a new Legion of the Damned novel

Taking a vacation from the subjugation of Earth and mid-word caps in DeathDay and EarthRise, William C. Dietz is back with another tale of the Legion of the Damned. Rebellions, untrustworthy allies, immigration problems. If we thought going into space would cure all that, we're clearly deluded. I'm with Sterling -- forget manned space flight. Let's just stay here on Earth and blow up one another, it's far more cost-effective.