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HOWTO Obsessively Cover a Trade Paperback With a Mylar Book Cover

Book Geeks Get Ready for Fun!

Roll out some Demco Polyfit and lay it on the table, still attached to roll on left. (not seen.) Place book near right edge.
Slide book to left a distance of it's own width.
Flip Book on spine. (A turtle is on its back in the desert. Do you turn it over?)
Flip book to left once more.
Slide to left one book-width.
Cut sheet just past pages. Not too close it's easy to scissor and damage your book.
Book on carefully measured sheet of paper.
Remove book from paper, fold in half gently. (Fold paper, not book.)
Make very small crease in center of folded jacket-to-be with a single finger.
Unfold and note crease.
Use ruler to pencil in center line.
Center spine over center line. Mark book edges and also mark one inch either side of the book edge (see below).
Place ruler at angle from where one-inch-away-from-book-edge mark is and draw own to edge gently. Don't press pencil too hard.
Repeat for other side. Note V marks on paper backing.
Cut out left V mark, taking care to cut the paper backing layer only.
Cut along right V mark.
Fold V section out out of the cover.
Cut along bottom edge to remove paper V.
Place book in center of empty-V. And as ever, place book in the center of MTV, because it rots your brain and books are much better.
Slide front cover under paper backing.
Gently fold excess backing over to measure because you'll need to cut some off.
Cut off excess backing.
Fold over and crease with thumbnail for tight fit. Ensure book goes down into corner neatly and nicely.
Close book so that back cover shows.
Fold other half of cover over back cover of book gently -- not tight yet.
Fold down to get an idea how much of the right edge you're going to have to cut off.
Slide back cover between backing and clear mylar and cinch tightly.
Cut off excess, but leave a good bit to fold back in.
Pull cover tight and crease fold with thumb for snappy edge.
Now you're going to re-create the V below above. Cut at angle carefully to edge of book and be CAREFUL NOT TO CLIP THE BOOK.
Repeat for back cover.
Now carefully clip off the center section, over the spine, from one diagonal to the other to get the below result.
Now you're almost done. It looks like the book is wearing a hat.
Fold the front hat down. This is tricky, you want to keep it lined up and neat, so sometimes you need to poke your finger under the fold to make sure that everything is nice and tidy.
When you've got a good match, crease it with your thumb.
Repeat for the back cover.
Crease back cover with thumb for nice tight fit.
So close to being done.
Tape the top flap to the inside protector flap. DO NOT TAPE TO BOOK COVER ITSELF.
Repeat for back cover.
Your book is tightly covered and ready to travel. or even just to take to the taco stand. You can do this with MMPBs as well. Email me if you have any questions.